Sustainable growth in precious metal production

Financial stability

Cash1 (end Q3 2020)

US$85.2 million

$150.0 million credit facility2

US$95.0 million drawn


  1. Cash position is Management’s unaudited estimate as at September 30, 2020
  2. Refer to Fortuna news release dated November 12, 2020, “Fortuna reports consolidated financial results for the third quarter 2020

Proven mine builders and operators

  • Disciplined growth strategy
  • Bottom quartile operating costs


Fueling growth

Maximize production, profitability and cash flow of operating mines

  • Focus on operational efficiencies to reduce cash costs


Brownfields exploration

  • Exploration potential for new discoveries in and around land positions in Peru, Mexico and Argentina


Greenfields exploration

  • Generative programs to identify potential acquisition opportunities in Mexico and Argentina


Pursue M&A opportunities

  • Evaluate strategic acquisitions throughout the Americas and in select other areas
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