Community Engagement

Forging strategic partnerships

Fortuna maintains operations near communities in Peru and Mexico. Recognizing their unique culture and needs, we are actively engaged as a strategic partner in these communities. We collaborate with local stakeholders to identify opportunities where we can establish and participate in sustainable community development projects.

The aim is to establish programs based on respect for ethno-cultural diversity, open communication and effective interaction with local stakeholders that improve health, education and infrastructure.

Since 2006, Fortuna has funded various community projects to ameliorate the living conditions of the communities where we operate. These range from genetic improvement of local alpaca herds near our Caylloma mine in Peru, to road construction and school scholarships near our San Jose mine in Mexico.

Fortuna is committed to innovative, sustainable projects and partnerships that build company engagement in local communities while respecting local values, customs and traditions. Additionally, we encourage our employees to become involved in community projects, both because of what they can contribute and because community service is a personally rewarding experience.

Health & Nutrition

Fortuna directs both financial and human resources to help build healthier and stronger communities. Our work recognizes the importance of health care and nutrition services for the local population, particularly women and children. To improve the well-being of local residents, we engage in a variety of activities either directly or in partnership with others.

Caylloma Mine, Peru

Our health and nutrition projects in Peru have benefited over 5,000 local residents of the Caylloma district.

For example, the "Essential Measures for Children" project helped families with children under three years of age and pregnant women to overcome factors that influence and predispose children to chronic malnutrition and anemia. The project provided training in healthy eating habits and "hygiene corners" for schoolchildren in all schools in the district, which benefited over 900 primary education students and pre-school children.

Fortuna also signed the "Inter-institutional Cooperation Agreement" with the Regional Education Management and the Regional Health Management authorities to improve integral care services for the community.

Two important programs within the agreement include:

  • Improvement of the health center's equipping to benefit women and children
  • the implementation of the "Healthy Schools and Family" program

Other activities included building and operating the Caylloma sanitary landfill, providing thermal clothing to children to combat extreme weather conditions and organizing annual medical check-ups by doctors specializing in cardiology, gynecology, traumatology and pediatrics, amongst others.

San Jose Mine, Mexico

In Mexico, we have helped to improve the health and well-being of local residents with programs such as:

  • building and equipping a healthcare center for the community of Cuajilote
  • equipping of healthcare centers in surrounding communities
  • donating medicine and medical services to community members
  • establishing the For a Good Vision campaign directed to the general population, with special care for primary and secondary school children that benefitted over 100 individuals
  • Health Care centre
  • Community medical checkups
  • Water tanks for the community


In the communities near where we operate in Mexico and Peru, we channel sustainability efforts into improving education and cultural activities. Our activities focus on developing a broad range of work-related skills and on building infrastructure to support the education of both children and adults.

We have developed several programs in collaboration with local communities, including providing scholarships for primary and secondary school and college students.

Caylloma Mine, Peru

Minera Bateas S.A.C., Fortuna Silver Mines company which operates the Caylloma Mine, supports and encourages the development of youth in the District of Caylloma, Arequipa, as part of its social responsibility activities. Our goal is to help families achieve a better quality of life in the district. Our support is directed to two areas: a Scholarship Program and the El Progreso de Caylloma Productive Technical Education Center, both of which were implemented through agreements with local government.

Scholarship Program

Minera Bateas signed an agreement in 2010 with the District Municipality of Caylloma that opened the doors to local development projects, training for community members and educational support.

Under the Scholarship Program, Minera Bateas awards scholarships to outstanding secondary school students from Caylloma and its neighbouring areas. The scholarships enable students to pursue professional or technical education at prominent universities and institutes in the city of Arequipa.

From its launch in 2012 until early 2017, 42 students have received scholarships under the program. Eleven of the students have graduated with professional designations, six of whom are working at Minera Bateas and three at other companies. Two of the students have completed their technical training and are continuing their studies.

El Progreso de Caylloma Productive Technical Education Center

Minera Bateas signed an agreement in 2014 with the Regional Head Office of Education and the District Municipality of Caylloma to implement the El Progreso de Caylloma Productive Technical Education Center (CETPRO). The first higher education center in the District. CETPRO aims to improve technical competency by training mainly youths and preparing them to start their own businesses.

Minera Bateas financed the implementation of CETPRO, enabling the center to purchase machinery, tools and materials, as well as hire teachers and administrative staff.

Since its opening, 149 participants have enrolled in the center and 97 students have graduated from its two training programs: metalworking and shoemaking.

  • Training of community members
  • Donation of books and supplies to local schools
  • Educational support
  • El Progreso de Caylloma CETPRO
  • Scholarship Program beneficiary
  • Scholarship Program beneficiary

San Jose Mine, Mexico

Within the municipality of San Jose del Progreso, we have established five computer and Internet centers, benefitting over 240 people.

In 2011 Fortuna founded the Cuzcatlan Scholarship Program. The program funds education supply packages consisting of uniforms, shoes and school supplies, as well as scholarships to elementary and high school students. More than 800 students from the community of San Jose del Progreso and its annexes have benefited from the program.

Under an agreement with the State Institution for Adult Education, the company helped develop an adult education program to promote certification for elementary and high school studies. By the end of 2012, 116 people have participated in the program, which has granted 15 elementary and 26 high school certificates.

Together with the Work Training and Productivity Institute of the State of Oaxaca, we have implemented technical training programs and projects aimed at increasing work-related skills and capacities. For example, an arts and crafts center offers courses to help people qualify for a variety of jobs in several industries.

  • Donation of books and supplies to local schools
  • Scholarships for High school students
  • Adult Education Program

Economic Development

We have implemented several projects in Peru and Mexico aimed at supporting local economic development in communities near our operations. The objective is to work alongside local residents to establish or increase self-sustaining economic activities that improve the quality of life for residents.

Our activities include a wide range of initiatives, from genetic enhancement of local alpaca herds to trout breeding and prioritization of employment opportunities in our operations for local residents.

Caylloma Mine, Peru

In 2010 the company signed a seven-year agreement with the District Municipality of Caylloma to support the district's sustainable development, focusing on Fortuna's direct area of influence. For example, we are currently building a multisport mini-arena in the town of Caylloma that will benefit over 5,000 residents.

In addition we have established a technical training center in Caylloma to equip local residents with the skills to start new businesses or obtain employment, we are providing technical assistance for producing machine-woven fabrics from alpaca fiber and organic pima cotton. Approximately 60 weavers have been trained in the production of knitted fabric, felt hats and gloves.

To help improve the quality and quantity of alpaca fiber produced locally, Fortuna has trained community members to instruct shepherds on breeding techniques such as artificial insemination and controlled mating. Over 26 households neighboring our Caylloma mine site have benefited from this program.

Additionally, by agreement with the District Municipality of Caylloma and the Regional Agricultural Management we established more than 370 hectares of pasture and built cold-weather shelters for alpacas that are used by approximately 100 families.

  • Alpaca genetic improvement program
  • Commercial trout farm
  • Trade and skills training

San Jose Mine, Mexico

In Mexico, our economic initiatives include helping craftswomen develop new skills for making safety clothing, starting local diners and supporting groups of women engaged in the production of traditional handicrafts. These projects have helped over 40 families establish micro-businesses and created a similar number of direct jobs.

We opened a training school to improve the economic viability of the community. The school teaches local farmers how to produce organic vegetables, poultry, eggs and also develop local providers of tortilla, bread, beef and manufacturers of shoes, amongst other activities. To date, over 50 producers have been trained, and most maintain a family production unit.

In 2011 the company signed an agreement with the Municipality of San José del Progreso that focuses on improving the local economy and fostering sustainable development. We subsequently completed a number of projects that directly benefit the nearly 2,900 residents of San José del Progreso and three nearby communities, including:

  • building of a daycare facility for approximately 45 children
  • paving streets in two municipal agencies
  • expanding the drinking water supply system
  • constructing restrooms and installing roofing of a local sports and multi-purpose facility
  • repairing 54 kilometers of secondary roads between the four communities
  • installing lighting along the access road to San Jose del Progresso
  • purchase a multipurpose lot where a chapel has been built and the community can hold cultural events
  • Safety gear locally sourced
  • Supporting community businesses
  • Supporting development of local farming and agriculture
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