At Fortuna, we take seriously our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. Fundamental to that obligation is our commitment to environmental sustainability, which is embedded in Fortuna's mission and values.

We strive at all times to meet, and where practical, exceed relevant laws, regulations and standards. Throughout our organization, we interact proactively with authorities and communicate transparently and openly about our activities. In addition, starting at the earliest stages of project development, we work directly and collaboratively with local communities to protect and preserve the environment.

Our responsible use of natural resources and protection of the environment starts at our mine sites, where we employ sustainable resource planning and development to minimize impacts. We train our employees to respond quickly and effectively to an environmental incident. Prevention, however, is the key element in our environmental stewardship activities regardless of where we operate in the world.

Caylloma Mine, Peru

At our Caylloma mine, we continuously monitor air and water quality within the area of influence of our operations. The Participatory Monitoring Committee, which is composed of community members and the mine's Environmental Department employees, works collaboratively to collect samples and manage the monitoring program.

In addition, we have installed solar panels on rural schools and houses to produce green energy and conducted school classes on the importance of respecting and caring for the environment. To help improve local environmental conditions for the community of Caylloma, we built and now operate the sanitary landfill, which also helps demonstrate recycling and other waste-management practices to residents.

  • Ongoing water monitor program with the community
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  • Air monitoring program
  • District Municipality of Caylloma trash compactor truck

San Jose Mine, Mexico

The San Jose mine is located in an arid region that suffers from water scarcity, placing constraints on the region's socio-economic development. Consequently, drilling traditional water wells or sourcing water from rivers was not a viable option for our operations. To help conserve water the company refurbished a wastewater treatment plant for the community of Ocotlán de Morelos. The plant provides 20% of the water supply for the operation. The balance comes from rainwater collected at the tailings dam and from water recycled from mine operations, which is zero discharge.

Additionally, we have implemented the Healthy Home Program which works to improve living standards of community households. Since inception in 2009, more than 3,000 local residents have benefited from home improvements, including nearly 600 clean-burning, high-efficiency wood stoves, 150 dry ecological toilets and 50 rainwater collection tanks.

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