Fortuna reports cash flow of US$16.3 million and net income of US$6.7 million in the first quarter of 2013

(All amounts expressed in US dollars, unless otherwise stated)

Vancouver, May 07, 2013 - Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. (NYSE: FSM | TSX: FVI | BVL: FVI | Frankfurt: F4S.F) today announced revenue of $40.7 million, cash generated from operations, before changes in working capital of $16.3 million, and net income of $6.7 million for the first quarter of 2013. Silver and gold production was 992,218 ounces and 4,492 ounces at a consolidated cash cost per ounce, net of by-product credits, of $6.60.

Jorge A. Ganoza, President and CEO, commented: "We have had solid first quarter results with cash cost performance in line with our guidance. We continue on track with the mill expansion at San Jose which is not only key to meet our production guidance for the year but which will also bring about lower unit costs towards the end of 2013. With $68 million in cash, a $40 million untapped credit facility, and our growing low cost silver and gold production, Fortuna is in a solid position to carry out our strategic objectives in this lower price environment. Management is monitoring closely the financial sensitivity of our mines and capital projects and will act accordingly to safeguard the integrity of our business."

First Quarter 2013 Financial Highlights:

  • Sales of $40.7 million
  • Net income of $6.7 million
  • Earnings per share, basic of $0.05
  • Operating cash flow per share before changes in working capital of $0.13
  • Cash generated from operating activities, before changes in working capital of $16.3 million
  • Cash position, including short term investments and working capital, as at quarter end was $67.9 million and $83.7 million, respectively
  • Silver and gold production of 992,218 ounces and 4,492 ounces, respectively
  • Cash cost per ounce of payable silver, net of by-product credits, was $6.60

Financial Results

During Q1 2013, the Company generated net income of $6.7 million, compared to $11.1 million a year ago while cash flow from operations, before changes in working capital, increased by 11% to $16.3 million (Q1 2012: $14.7 million). The decrease in net income was mainly driven by differences in final sales adjustments at both San Jose and Caylloma of $2.8 million, and lower operating margins at San Jose when compared with the first quarter of 2012. The latter effect is attributable to a drop in gold production of 12%, lower realized silver price of 5%, and higher unit costs. Cost per tonne of processed ore at San Jose in Q1 2013 was in line with guidance, although higher than Q1 2012 where cost levels where still reflective of the start-up phase.

Net income was also impacted by an increase in share-based compensation charges of $1.3 million when compared to the previous quarter, as in 2012 we recorded a credit of $0.3 million.

The increase in cash flow from operations, before changes in working capital, reflects lower taxes paid at Caylloma in the period.

Basic earnings per share for Q1 2013 was $0.05 (Q1 2012: $0.09). Operating cash flow per share, before changes in working capital, was $0.13 (Q1 2012: $0.12).

Operating Results

In Q1 2013, the Company produced 992,218 ounces of silver and 4,492 ounces of gold and is on schedule to meet guidance and produce 4.4 million ounces of silver and 23,300 ounces of gold in 2013.

Cash cost per tonne of processed ore for San Jose and Caylloma for the quarter was $77.96 and $94.20 respectively, in line with guidance. Consolidated cash cost per ounce of payable silver, net of by-product credits, was $6.60, compared to $3.96 in Q1 2012. The increase is explained by a higher cash cost per ounce recorded at San Jose, which was in turn driven by lower by-product gold credits and a higher unit cash cost compared to the prior year period.

San Jose performed according to plan in Q1 2013. Silver production was 4% above budget and gold production was 5% below budget. The lower gold production is attributable to local deviations in grades in levels 1350 and 1300 from those predicted by the mineral reserve model.

Silver production at Caylloma was 2% above budget. Metallurgical recovery for silver saw an improvement of 4% compared to the prior year period and the budget, following implementation of changes in the plant to improve handling of mixed ore from level six of the Animas vein. Work to implement further changes continues, as management believes there are still opportunities to improve metallurgical recoveries by increasing retention time in flotation. Zinc and lead production were above the comparative quarter by 12% and 4%, respectively, but 9% and 12% below budget as a result of lower head grades encountered in planned working areas during the period.

The financial statements and MD&A are available on SEDAR and have also been posted on the company's website at

Conference Call to Review 2013 First Quarter Financial and Operations Results

A conference call to discuss the financial and operations results will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. PST | 11:00 a.m. Lima | 12:00 p.m. EST. Hosting the call will be Jorge A. Ganoza, President and CEO and Luis D. Ganoza, Chief Financial Officer.

Shareholders, analysts, media and interested investors are invited to listen to the live conference call by logging onto the webcast at or over the phone by dialing just prior to the starting time.

Conference call details:

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Time: 9:00 a.m. PST | 11:00 a.m. Lima | 12:00 p.m. EST

Dial in number (Toll Free): +1.877.407.8035
Dial in number (International): +1.201.689.8035

Replay number (Toll Free): +1.877.660.6853
Replay number (International): +1.201.612.7415
Replay Passcodes (both are required for playback):
Conference ID #: 413626

Playback of the webcast will be available until August 8, 2013. Playback of the conference call will be available until 11:59 p.m. EST on May 22, 2013. In addition, the call will be archived in the company's website.

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(Unaudited - Expressed in thousands of US Dollars)
March 31,December 31,
Cash and cash equivalents$ 63,973 $ 58,720
Short term investments3,929 6,019
Accounts receivable and other assets22,043 27,032
Prepaid expenses1,200 1,268
Due from related parties12 5
Inventories12,274 12,858
Assets held for sale51 51
Total current assets103,482 105,953
Deposits on long term assets2,726 2,694
Deferred income tax assets210 113
Mineral properties, plant and equipment220,928 207,503
Total assets$ 327,346 $ 316,263
Trade and other payables$ 18,670 $ 17,348
Due to related parties25 54
Provisions535 457
Income tax payable211 200
Current portion of leases and long term liabilities379 449
Total current liabilities19,820 18,508
Leases and long term liabilities2,238 2,250
Provisions9,951 9,970
Deferred income tax liabilities23,538 21,042
Total liabilities55,547 51,770
Share capital187,914 187,807
Share option and warrant reserve13,794 12,994
Retained earnings66,009 59,344
Accumulated other comprehensive income4,082 4,348
Total equity271,799 264,493
Total liabilities and equity$ 327,346 $ 316,263

(Unaudited - Expressed in thousands of US Dollars, except for share and per share amounts)
Three months ended March 31,
Sales$ 40,713 $ 40,601
Cost of sales23,929 19,520
Mine operating earnings16,78421,081
Other expenses
Selling, general and administrative expenses5,616 3,949
Exploration and evaluation costs148 254
Net loss on commodity contracts- 339
Loss on disposal of mineral properties, plant and equipment14 6
Operating income11,006 16,533
Finance items
Interest income215 155
Interest expense(200) (144)
Net finance income 15 11
Income before tax11,021 16,544
Income taxes4,356 5,433
Net income for the period$ 6,665 $ 11,111
Earnings per Share - Basic$ 0.05 $ 0.09
Earnings per Share - Diluted$ 0.05 $ 0.09
Weighted average number of shares outstanding - Basic 123,599,679 123,484,033
Weighted average number of shares outstanding - Diluted125,013,722 125,462,390

(Unaudited - Expressed in thousands of US Dollars)
Three months ended March 31,
Net income for the period$ 6,665 $ 11,111
Items not involving cash
Depletion and depreciation4,884 4,609
Accretion of provisions118 59
Income taxes4,356 5,433
Share-based payments (recovery)982 (285)
Unrealized gain on commodity contracts- (621)
Loss on disposal of mineral properties, plant and equipment14 6
Accrued interest on long term loans receivable and payable(14)8
Other2 -
17,007 20,320
Changes in non-cash working capital items
Accounts receivable and other assets3,771 (5,937)
Prepaid expenses59 (341)
Due from related parties(8)(2)
Inventories584 (1,269)
Trade and other payables1,342 (2,943)
Due to related parties(28)(28)
Cash provided by operating activities before interest and income taxes22,719 9,800
Income taxes paid(893)(5,765)
Interest expense paid(7)(11)
Interest income received169 148
Net cash provided by operating activities21,988 4,172
Redemptions of short term investments1,984 17,000
Expenditures on mineral properties, plant and equipment(18,395)(7,589)
Advances of deposits on long term assets(1,985)(424)
Receipts of deposits on long term assets1,967 935
Proceeds on disposal of mineral properties, plant and equipment- 26
Net cash (used in) provided by investing activities(16,429)9,948
Net proceeds on issuance of common shares21 738
Repayment of finance lease obligations(151)(279)
Net cash (used in) provided by financing activities(130)459
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents(176)543
Cash and cash equivalents - beginning of period58,720 38,730

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