Sustainability Framework


We are committed to integrating sustainability into our business strategy, organizational culture, and day-to-day operations. We developed our sustainability strategy in 2019 as a tool to transform our aspirations into actions and achieve our vision. It defines our approach to sustainability and aligns with our overall strategic direction. 

Our EnvironmentGovernanceOur People

At the core of our approach to sustainability are GovernanceOur People and Our Environment.

Six pillars support these core fundamentals: Financial Performance, Human Rights and Ethics, Communities, Occupational Health & Safety, Human Resources, and Environment.

Our approach to sustainability is aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Our commitment to sustainability starts with our Board of Directors and runs through all our company departments. Good governance is transparent, responsible, accountable, participatory, and responsive, and drives strong sustainability performance throughout the organization.

The two pillars that support our approach to Governance are Financial Performance and Human Rights and Ethics.

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We value the environments where we operate and adhere to strict environmental standards to mitigate our impact.

Our environmental management efforts are governed by our Environmental Policy which was approved by our Board in 2019. The Policy communicates our commitment to implement the highest standards throughout our operations and communicate issues concerning the environment to our stakeholders.

Our approach to responsible environmental management is focussed on seven key areas: Water, Energy, Climate Change, Air Quality, Tailings and Waste, Biodiversity and Mine Closure Plans.

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At Fortuna, we are committed to building a diverse organization that respects human rights and employs the highest occupational safety and health standards. Our goal is to be a mining company characterized by inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and the absence of discrimination.

We also seek to be a catalyst for social development in the countries where we operate. Respectful dialogue, engagement, and transparency form the basis of our relationships with the communities in the regions where we operate. Maintaining good relationships with local communities facilitates the continuity of our operations. 

The three pillars that support our approach to Our People are Human Resources, Occupational Health & Safety and Our Communities.

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